ReservePoints is under way!

Hello all!

I'm a recently separated active-duty naval aviator, now in the reserves. I was a software engineer prior to joining the service.

Over the course of the next few months, I will be working on developing this website to offer a way for drilling and active reservists to track their points.

Since every reservist I know has done the work to create a spreadsheet to track this information themselves, it seems obviously useful for there to be a service out there that helps accomplish this complicated and ubiquitous task.

If you're unaware, once you're done with the reserves, there will be an extensive review of all of your service, in which they will verify/validate all of the points you've earned. Since the official system is prone to discrepancy, reservists have learned to track all of their service themselves in addition to the official system. That way, when the day of reckoning arrives, they are able to provide detailed documentation to make sure they get the reserve retirement they've earned.

So. Once I have a basic framework in place, I will open up the website service as a beta for testing and further development. If interested, please email me at

Full disclosure: Once this is all up and running, I do intend to charge a fee for the service. Initial beta testers that contribute to the effort will have lifetime free use of the service. Everyone else will pay a small fee. It will depend on how many sign up, but I expect it will end up costing very little; server time is really cheap these days. :)

Stay tuned for more information!

Dutch "Rudder" Stiphout